European Union Timber Regulations

When you put timber on the market, you should use our Due Diligence Form for Timber Grown in Great Britain

Due Diligence Form for Timber Grown in Great Britain

We have introduced a self-certifying form to help operators comply with the European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR). These are intended to ensure that only legally-felled timber is placed on European Union (EU) markets.

Applications by landowners and agents

When landowners or agents apply to us for a Felling Licence, or when a Statutory Plant Health Notice, requiring infected trees to be felled, has been issued, we will issue the Due Diligence form for Timber Grown in Great Britain, along with a simple, one-page note which outlines what owners need to do to comply with the Felling Licence or notice.

We will annotate section one of the form, identifying the reference number appropriate to the felling and will also sign and date the form. The remaining sections of the form must be completed by the operator. For further information, please read Forestry Regulations Information Note 30.

Legally-harvested timber

Where a landowner is not applying for felling approval from us but still needs to demonstrate that the timber or timber product is from a legally-harvested source (windblown trees, for example, or coppice of less than 15 centimetres in diameter), they should download a copy of the form and complete all sections as evidence.

If the owner sells standing trees and another business harvests them, the form, along with a copy of the licence, will be passed to the person acting as the Operator under the terms of the EUTR.

The Operator

The regulations require the person who first places timber on the EU market (known as 'the Operator') to exercise ‘due diligence’ and to use a risk-based approach to ensure that the possibility of illegal products being sold is minimised.

The Trader

In addition to this, traders in timber and timber products (known as 'the Trader') are required to keep specific information, to enable the traceability of such products for up to five years.

About the EUTR Regulations

The EUTR came into force in 2013 and were transposed into UK law under the ‘Timber and Timber Products (Placing on the Market) Regulation (2013)’.

Ensuring the sale of legal timber

This legislation is intended to ensure that only legally-felled timber is placed on European Union markets. It prohibits the importation and use of illegally-harvested timber and timber products in EU countries. The National Measurement Office is responsible for implementation of this legislation in the UK.

Cooperation with other bodies and representatives

To help the forest industry meet the requirements of the legislation, Natural Resources Wales works with the National Measurements Office, industry representatives and the Forestry Commission, to provide a simple, effective approach for the timber and forestry sector in Wales.