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Winter Tree felling of Larch

Natural Resources Wales will not issue licences to thin or clearfell Larch through the winter months because we cannot assess the trees for signs of the Phytophthora Ramorum disease

Felling Options

Land managers who wish to apply to fell larch through the winter months can choose from the following Options:

  1. Agree to an extension until 30th June, this allows NRW to inspect following needle flush
  2. If your felling area consists of mixed species put the larch on a separate application, send both applications to us, we will process both but you will not receive your larch licence until the needles have flushed and we have carried out an inspection
  3. Submit your application around the beginning of April
  4. Request that a Statutory Plant Health Notice (Movement) (SPHN[m]) is issued for the site. NRW will not proactively seek this option with land managers
  5. Ask for the licence to be assessed straightaway (or not agree to extension) – In such events NRW will have refuse the application under the Forestry Act

For Option 1, 4 and 5

Please complete the Winter felling form choosing which option you want to take and send/email the completed form with your felling application.

Notes for Option 4

The land manager must specifically request that NRW issues a Statutory Plant Health Notices (Movement). NRW will not assume that this is required. If requested, NRW will assume that the material is infected with Pr.

An example request is noted below:

“I wish my felling licence application to be consider immediately and I therefore request that my land is served with a Statutory Plant Health Notices (Movement ). I understand that this legally restricts the movement of the timber. Failure to do so may result in prosecution under the Plant Health Order (2005)“

NRW Forest Regulation team will consider the application under current best practice and policies.

NRW Forestry Permitting Team will issue a 2 year felling licences along with a 2 year SPHN(M). The SPHN(M) be extended if material is still on site after the expiry date.

Important note: NRW will not rescind the SPHN(M), unless site is found to be infected with Pr and is within the DLZ.


For information regarding Felling Licences please contact your local Regulatory Woodland Officer via our Customer Care Centre (0300 065 3000) or email:

For Tree Health issues ie further information regarding Phytophthora r., please contact the Tree Health Team via our email:

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