How to apply for your hydropower scheme

Find information about how to apply for a hydropower scheme

General information

If you are considering developing a hydropower scheme, and have preliminary details of your proposal we strongly recommend that you submit a pre-application enquiry prior to applying formally. Pre-application advice includes two hours free of charge with any subsequent advice being charged at a rate of £125 plus VAT per hour. Pre-application helps us to understand what you are proposing and support you in preparing your formal application.

You must complete pre-application forms WRA and WRB using the guidance note WRX and submit it to us.

Please note that you will need to submit a Stage 1 Geomorphology Photosurvey with your pre-application form. This is a non-technical document that will allow us to provide advice on the geomorphological siting and design requirements of your scheme early on in the application process. It also helps us to provide better advice, more quickly on other environmental aspects of your scheme.

Guidance on how to carry out a Stage 1 Photosurvey is given in Supporting Guidance Note 2: Geomorphology photosurveys for hydropower developments, located with the rest of our hydropower guidance in the ‘Before you apply’ section of our Hydropower web pages.

Formal application

To apply for a water resources licence for a hydropower scheme, please complete the forms detailed in guidance note WRX or as recommended following your pre-application enquiry.

At pre-application you may have been advised of the need for additional permits or licences for your hydropower scheme. Please follow the links below and complete the required form and where possible submit to us along with your other forms.

If you are applying for an upward variation to an existing licence you will need to submit the geomorphology photosurvey or assessment that was provided with your original application. If you do not have an existing geomorphology photosurvey or assessment you will need to complete a new photosurvey to accompany your application for variation. Please read our guidance note HGN 10 Geomorphology for details on how to do this.

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