Assessing Welsh aquaculture activities

We have assessed, and mapped where possible, the sensitivity of marine habitats and species to the pressures from eight types of marine aquaculture activities.

The methodology report gives information on the project and how the resources were developed. 


Each of the eight assessment reports describe an aquaculture activity, the pressures with the potential to occur because of the activity, and the sensitivity of biotopes and species to these pressures.

A case study in each assessment report demonstrates how, by using the mapping tool and dashboard, you can identify the sensitivity of biotopes and species to pressures at an example aquaculture activity location (works best on desktop).

The potential impacts of each of the pressures on the marine environment are summarised in the assessment reports, based on evidence collated as part of a systematic literature review.

Intertidal shellfish aquaculture using trestles or poles

Intertidal ground laid shellfish aquaculture

Intertidal planted seaweed aquaculture

Subtidal seaweed aquaculture using ropes

Subtidal seaweed aquaculture using rafts

Subtidal shellfish aquaculture using ropes

Subtidal shellfish aquaculture using rafts

Subtidal ground laid shellfish aquaculture

Download the data supporting the mapping tool and dashboard from DataMapWales.

Project funding

The Assessing Welsh Aquaculture Activities project was supported by the EU through Welsh Ministers and is fully funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.


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