Evidence from across the world shows that being in the natural environment is good for us in many ways and by establishing a connection to nature at a young age, healthy, lifelong behaviours can be established.

We’ve developed a range of activities, games and resources to engage learners regardless of age, fitness level or gender.

Activities and games

The games and activities in our Health and Well-being booklet will help you deliver against current curriculum and will enable learners to progress in the way described in the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.

From wilderness workouts to shelter building, the 14 activities and games within this booklet focus on demonstrating how to use the natural environment as a relaxing and stimulating environment to facilitate health and well-being.

Whether it be meeting a tree or participating in a round of ‘Edible deadible’, these activities can be used to foster a relationship with nature whilst improving knowledge and understanding of natural features and processes.

Supporting information and resources

Activity 6: Edible deadible fungi – (resource cards)

Activity 6: Edible deadible plants – (resource cards)

Activity 13: Campfire cooking - (information note)

Activity 13: Installing a log circle - (information note)
Activity 14: Shelters and dens - (information note)

Activity 14: Shelters challenge – (resource cards)

Outdoor learning research

Want to learn about the health and well-being benefits of outdoor learning? Need to justify taking your learners outdoors? Check out our information posters.


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