Maths surrounds us so why not make the most of the natural environment and engage your learners in some practical, meaningful activities. 

From exploring non-standard measurement through building twig towers to creating symmetrical pictures using natural materials, the natural environment is constantly changing and can help develop a variety of mathematical skills.

Activities and games

The games and activities in our Mathematics and Numeracy booklet will help you deliver against current curriculum and will enable learners to progress in the way described in the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.

From sorting, sequencing and exploring the shape of leaves to discovering if you can move faster than a hedgehog our games and activities are interactive and designed to get your learners moving.

Measuring trees

From measuring tree height to discovering the age of a tree, these activities can help embed an understanding of numerous mathematical concepts whilst making the most of the outside classroom.

Tree measuring activities (activity plan)
DIY tree measuring kit (template)

Outdoor learning research

Want to learn about the health and well-being benefits of outdoor learning? Need to justify taking your learners outdoors? Check out our information posters.

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