When you’re using the Natural Resources Wales website, we want your web experience to be as intuitive as possible.

You can navigate our site in the following ways:

Type a word into the search box

The search function on our site should work pretty well. If you're not sure which section to start, give the search box a go. It will come up with a list of pages and documents with the word or term you searched for. 

The breadcrumb trail

This trail shows the location of the page in the website's structure. You can use the links in this trail to go back to the main chapter page and the home page - effectively retracing your steps from the beginning.

For example, if the crumb trail reads:

Home Page > About us > Who we are and what we do > Our corporate plan > Our five good programmes

You can retrace your steps back to the home page, or the 'About us' chapter, or even back to 'Who we are and what we do' – directly.

The site map

Listing every chapter and page in the website, displaying how these chapters relate to each other in turn. A grasp of the site structure can help you get a clearer feel for the site navigation, allowing you to pinpoint relevant topics.

The site A – Z

A complete index of the areas housed within the site. Simply put, look for maps in 'm' and maps - it's that easy.

Mistakes in pages

We try our best to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information we can - however, should you spot a mistake in any of our pages, please contact us so that we can fix it.

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