You should read our guidance on “what is a large raised reservoir?” and “who or what is an undertaker?” before registering your reservoir.

If your large raised reservoir has a capacity greater than 25,000 cubic metres and was registered with us before 1 April 2016 we will accept the information we have as a registration under the amended law. There is no need to re-register it. We may contact you to check and confirm the information we have is correct.

If you are uncertain as to the status of your reservoir/ pond lake etc., please contact us for advice. It is a legal requirement to register your reservoir and failure to do so could be considered an offence.

If there is more than one person or organisation which own or operate the reservoir they may all have responsibility and you should tell us about this. If you only own a small portion of a reservoir you may have still have some responsibilities.

It is our duty to review the information we have on the reservoir and whether we consider it to be high risk. This process will inform us, and you, whether formal supervision and inspection of the reservoir is required. More information is in the section on risk designation.

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