Horizontal Guidance

The purpose of horizontal guidance is to provide information relevant to all sectors regulated under Environmental Permitting Regulations

Horizontal guidance is relevant to all sectors holding an environmental permit,  it contains guidance for example on noise, odour, energy efficiency, or protection of land and water. The links at the bottom of this page will take you to the available guidance.

H1 Software tool and guidance

The H1 risk assessment software tool developed by the Environment Agency can be used to assess the impact of hazardous pollutants released within discharges to surface waters and to small infiltration systems from the operation of installations and waste sites, point source water discharge activities and from stand-alone water discharge activities.

The risk assessment overview guidance and technical guidance annexes supporting the H1 tool have been reviewed and replaced. The link below will take you to the relevant Environment Agency guidance which Natural Resources Wales is continuing to follow. You will find details for obtaining a copy of the H1 software tool and user guide and a link to guidance on surface water pollution risk assessment for your environmental permit.

There is additional guidance available for modelling the discharge once the surface water pollution risk assessment has been completed. Where reference is made in this guidance to the Environment Agency in terms of permit applications, resolving queries and undertaking modelling, please refer to Natural Resources Wales for discharges in Wales.

H2 Energy efficiency

The H2 Guidance has been replaced by relevant 'Best Available Techniques' guidance. The link will take you to the relevant Environment Agency guidance which we are continuing to follow. 

Environment Agency H2 Energy efficiency

H3 Noise assessment and control

The relevant Environment Agency H3 guidance which we are continuing to follow. 

H4 Odour management

Please see Environment Agency H4 Odour management guidance.

H5 Site condition report

Please see our H5 guidance and site conditioning report template below.

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